Friday, January 9, 2009

flat tire = great day!

woke up to a flat tire on my car. not just a little low, or some air still it, but f-l-a-t! so, after trying to unscrew the valve cap (we have a small air pump...but i could not even get the cap to budge) and then trying to take the tire off to put on the donut (again, no luck on getting the lug nuts off...), i finally call AAA, in defeat. but the super-nice AAA gal was really, really super-nice and within 20 minutes AAA tire-guy was here, donut on and about 30 minutes later the girls & i were at jensen tire awaiting the diagnosis of our "sick tire" (my 3-yr-old's words). luck, again, as the tire was ruined. since we had to get 2 new ones back in october, i opted to go ahead and replace the other 2 now. as i sat listening to the president-elect's short talk about the economy and my girls have imaginary conversations about lunch with their buddies, i was not very happy. argh, not a good time to have to spend $200 on lousy tires. no fun. humphff. and double-humphff.

but my day entirely changed when the guy came to tell me our car was ready. my oldest, who i remind you is 3-yrs-wise...says in her usual upbeat & just plain h-a-p-p-y voice, "come on momma, let's go and see those new tires!" everyone else waiting for their cars' diagnosis laughed. i couldn't help but laugh, too. which then got my 2-yr-old laughing and then the 3-yr-old, which got everyone laughing even more. it was THEN that i realized i was looking at this whole tire thing wrong, and needed to adjust my thoughts to that of my 3-yr-old! so i decided to ENJOY my purchase! by golly y'all i got two new, amazingly treaded tires today! i am quite certain that the car is riding better, less bumpy, than before. i know i am a better driver because of the new tires...and i was not even one bit peeved when little dude in his big ole hummer cut me off and nearly ended up with my new tires in the back end of it. i was totally like "whatever...I have NEW TIRES....look at 'em! gorgeous, huh?!"


  1. I get to post your first comment! How lucky am I? Thanks Jodi for being such a great "new" friend. I love reading your words...another reason not to clean your house...HA, HA!!!