Thursday, January 15, 2009

cold does not even register...

it is below zero outside. no, i have not ventured out - i am merely trusting our thermometer and the weatherguy. although i did let our lil dog out (and wowzers! it IS C-O-L-D!) and when i did that, i noticed that our neighbor's pup is outside, on a leash, with no food/water (it'd freeze, i know...) and no shelter, just a couple toys. this has gone on all week! in the ground blizzard, he was out there. in the cold. in the wind. in the windchill. i know that i should "mind my own business", but i feel so bad for that pup (and he is a pup...just 10 months old...even though he's a siberian husky and looks bigger...). i know that not everyone percieves their animals as family members. and, yep, our lil dog & fuzzy cat are probably spoiled. but they are members of our family! okay, enough about that. we will be spending a chunk of our day in the basement - outta sight, outta mind, right? not so much i am afraid...

Update: 11:02am
the humane society just left after visiting the neighbor & the pup is not outside. yeah!


  1. OOO!!! I just about looked up your address and called them myself. (Brian jokes that they probably have my number listed as the lady who calls too much!) Pets and kids, I'll stick up for them anytime, anywhere...(I call 911 a lot too...people, buckle your little ones up! Really, I'll gladly take them home if you can't handle them!) Okay, thanks for listening to my soap box. I'm off it now. And I better go see what my G-man is up to.

  2. i appreciate the company on the soapbox, my friend! and, yep, those who cannot take care of their kids or pets should not have own personal opinion :)