Saturday, January 17, 2009


i have been busy stitching for our families' newest member: baby hannah. my husband's brother & his wife had her just last week. they live in alabama, so i wanted to make a hand-embroidered blanket and this adorable owl pillow. so the other night i was in our bedroom stitching and my *almost* 4-yr-old come in and clamors up on our bed and wanted to watch me stitch. then she decided that she should make her cousin "the most amazing & beautiful bow ever!". so i gave her some ribbons and embroidery floss and she began her "stitching". her little sister came in & decided that she must also do a *project* for baby hannah. as wren was compiling her "amazing & most beautiful bow ever" ever for baby hannah she got to chatting with me. here's how that went:

"we are making these gifts for that Lil Baby Hannah and we are like the wisemen, only we are wisegirls..." she says.

"how are you like the wisemen, wren?" I asked.

"well, we are bringing gifts for the baby, just like they brought gifts to Jesus. but I don't think that Jesus wore any bows in his hair, because he is a boy, not a girl, like us and our cousin hannah." she says.

"yeah, we are cousins and have to make hannah pretty bows and she will really like handy manny and dresses just like nea-nea." Linnea says.

oh they L-U-V their new cousin!!! i have to show them her pics almost everytime we come downstairs. i am thinking i will just print out one for each of them to have...

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  1. Welcome to blogging. Didn't know you had taken the plung.
    Your little crafty self sounds like it's been busy.