Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"fighting weight"...or thoughts about that mickey rourke movie.

years ago i heard this quote:
"i'm at my fighting weight. too fat to run so i gotta fight."
unfortunately, i do not recall it's origin, so i am unable to give kudos or props to the *author*. but what a truthful statement! i told a friend of mine today that being over-weight really stinks! and for anyone aspiring to be over-weight...DON'T DO IT! PUT THE CUPCAKES DOWN! seriously...it seemingly went on sooooo easily. quickly. but it doth not come off as easily. or quickly.

so, "fighting weight" made me think about "the wrestler" which stars mickey rourke. (warning: clip has a a few words probably not okay for kids' ears...)


he is back acting. and apparently doing it well! he was nominated for a golden globe, is up for an oscar...pretty darn cool. i have to admit that "back in the day", mickey was h-o-t! he starred in a number of racy movies that i have not seen, but he had a killer bad-boy image, chiseled face, and his hair was so perfectly non-perfect. he was fabulous eye-candy! but now? not so much. years of addictions. some legal. some not. a stint as a boxer. then some botched plastic surgery (recall jennifer grey's nose-job. now no one recognizes her...not so good for her career either). and the hair?? he appears more of a "carnie". the past few years, and some choices he's made, have not been kind to his physical appearance. or his acting career. but...when i have seen him in a couple interviews...he is very honest about the path & choices that have led him to this place in his life. and he has been off of hollywood's radar for years. it is nice to see a success story! so, for those who have been on the band-wagon of britney spears being the "biggest comeback this year"....get over it. get over her. because mr. rourke gets that title!

now...as for hot actors from the '80's who have aged well? let me just admit publicly: rob lowe. adorable in "st. elmo's fire", "about last night". but...caliente on "brothers & sisters"! seriously, he is a good chunk (err, hunk? ha ha) of the reason i continue to watch the show i think...he doth age well. despite some poor choices he's made...but i digress...

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