Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let Us Begin at The Beginning, huh?!

blog #1 of Llama Drama...what will this be? a place, a journal for my thoughts, funnies and what-nots of my daily life...and probably the lives of my fam, too!

so who am I?
i am the wife of an amazingly perfect (for me!) man named karl
i am the mother of a beautiful curly-haired 3-yr-old lil llama named wren
i am the mother of a spunky growly-beared voiced 2 yr old lil llama named linnea
i love my lil dog (belle), my fluffy cat (puddy mcfluffkins) and llamas. no, i do not own a llama, but i love the llamas. and reindeer.
i am a stay-at-home mom who dabbles in selling Uppercase Living (see my website at

today has been good. the little girls and i have been to Y to workout & swim. we are "dog sitting" and 3 pups are in love with the lil honeys...are shown in their licks and nuzzles. the lil honeys are napping before heading to Wren's dance class. the fuzzy cat is plopped right in front of the monitor purring. loudly. and i am done typing for today.

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