Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i am SAHM. SAHM i am.

what i l-u-v about being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom):

* snuggles on command. err, demand? i can stop what i am doing a have a snuggle in the brown chair with one, or both, of the girls. if they are feeling sad and just need a hug, i have plenty! (sometimes the "momma hug" really is all they need or want.)

* we get to have leisurely breakfasts & lunches. (and i never have to worry or be ticked off because someone used my delicious coffee splink or ate my lunch that was in the employee fridge.)

* we can run errands at "off times" & usually take our time. and avoid some of the crowds. (so if one of us has a hissy-fit, not as many people are annoyed.)

* we can go to the Y everyday & swim. or not.

* we normally do not have to *be* anywhere before 9:30am...or at least not anywhere where we have to be "pretty"...no need to shower before working out at the Y. (although, not sure anyone at the y has ever seen me with anything other than "leftover hair".)

* if one of the girls is sick, there is no discussion or scrambling to figure out who will miss work, who can miss work. even for *well visits*, no one has to miss work, or take a long lunch break. we do not complain about paying for that day of daycare that we are home from work with a sick child. because you pay whether the kid is there are not. and usually you have to wait 24 full hours after the fever or blow-out to come back. (fevers and blow-outs never happen at the most opportune times.)

* i get to watch my girls play, work out differences, learn and explore everyday. no *report* from someone else on what they did all day, each day. i know. and if they were in daycare or preschool, they would not be together all day and might not be as close of buddies as they are.

* i can take a nap (or a dr. phil break) in the afternoon is i deem it is necessary.

* i get to spend each day with 2 of my most favorite people! and when the weekend rolls around, we do not have to spend the entire 2 "daddy stays home days" cleaning or running errands. most weekends. (not always though). and we can spend saturday and sundays with our other favorite person: the daddy!

* i can teach my girls how to do some of the housework, laundry, pet care, etc. (but please do not assume that our home is immaculate. or even dust-free. or the the laundry is always done. or that clothes actually make it from the laundry baskets to the dresser drawers or closets.)

* i can stitch, or paint, or do uppercase living projects (http://jodilarson.uppercaseliving.net/MyGallery.m), or scrap, or put together a puzzle, or whatever we girls feel like doing. or feel like needs to be done.

* i can watch the entire inauguration coverage (and not have to worry about my boss catching me on the internet & not working).

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