Wednesday, January 7, 2009

resolutions: check!

new year's resolutions:
(or, things i seem to think i can do better this year)

* workout/exercise: check! joined the Y a couple months ago and hubs & I try to workout 3-5 x's/week and i take the littles swimming a few mornings a week!

** drink less soda, more water: not so much a *check*. me luvs my diet coke.

*** make a budget/stick to said budget: check! hubs & i start "Financial Peace" next week!

**** keep a tidier home: not so much a *check*: i hate housework. give me a reason NOT to do it, and yeah, i'll not do it. i do the basics, it is no unsanitary here. but my mantra has been "if you are coming to see me, come on over! if you're coming to see my house, give me 2 weeks notice" and that really is NOT an exageration. anyways...huge *work in progress* on this one.

***** become more faithful & graceful in my walk with God.

but for now, i am starting with a shower and cleaning our bathroom and starting on the 3 laundry baskets of little girls clothes (really, dressers are for their buddies beds & forts, not clothes, right?!).

happy wednesday!

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